Spring Social

Spring Social 2019 – Saturday March 30th

faultsOn the weekend when the clocks go forward, why not lose even more hours within the magical parallel world of the orchard at the allotments?

2pm: helpers needed by the pizza oven area to help Ian build the new down-hill stage, and to lay bricks to finish off the new pizza oven.

5pm: gather in the orchard to make your own pizzas. Some dough, tomato paste and cheese will be provided – to which you can add your own toppings – but once it’s gone it’s gone, so more dough particularly is always welcome.

18.58: fireworks will be lit, beginning with a rocket to which a pencil will be attached. This is to celebrate the fact that on March 30th 1858 the ‘pencil with attached eraser’ was patented for the first time.

For those who wish to take part, a ritual will take place in which a piece of paper is passed round on which the first person writes something before the next person rubs it out and writes something else, and so on, until we end up with a piece of paper with nothing on it – that may or may not be cast into the fire – if we have one – which we hopefully will.

As well as pizza ingredients please bring deckchairs etc. to sit on. One Tree Hill cider will be available, but you might want to bring something else to drink as well.

You would be unwise to miss this unforgettable event…

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