Water on the site is on a meter and the cost to the society is a major expense. As a result where plots are served by mains water, we do not allow the use of hose pipes or sprinklers to directly water the plot. (Troughs and water butts can be filled up using a hose pipe).

If you have a shed, and don’t have a water butt, please do consider installing guttering and getting a water butt. Thames Water and Southwark Council has cut price offers on water butts, and you can sometimes find them on offer in Lidl and Aldi, or look out for sales at garden centres etc.


We have strimmers of different sizes and capabilities available to use. Details of how to obtain them are posted on the allotment notice board.

Manure & Word chippings

We have regular deliveries of manure, wood chippings and more recently malted barley and hops. Please take them as required, but please note that this for the whole site and leave some for other plot holders. Deliveries of wood chippings are sometimes specifically for work days.

Sheds, greenhouses and ponds

Before you erect (or buy) a shed, greenhouse or start digging a pond, please note that permission to erect them on plots have to be approved by the committee (this is part of the licence agreement).