Health & Safety

We must all take responsibility for health and safety on the site.

Apart from the usual considerations such as being careful in the use of tools, please the bear the following in mind

Metal Poles

On some plots, metal poles are used as fencing posts, especially along the path edges. They could be dangerous if any one falls on to them, so plot holders must ensure that they are either removed or have suitable top coverings. Any posts over 5 ft are excluded.


Please note that as per the licence agreement all paths must be at least 18″ wide, preferably 24″ and kept in good condition. Narrow, overgrown and muddy paths are dangerous, as it is not easy walking on them. Also where brambles have grown across them, they become a trip hazard.  Narrow paths also make wheelbarrow manoeuvrability difficult.

Please ensure that plots leave sufficient room for easy access for fellow plot holders. The committee will take action where paths are not up to standard.


Whilst the licence allows plot holders to have a bonfire, we must ask that any man made materials such as plastics, engine oil, etc not be burnt. It is not good for the environment or health, and is unpleasant for other plot holders, please take them home and dispose of them responsibly. Please also note that fires should not be left unattended and extinguished one hour before leaving the site  (this is part of the licence agreement).


In the allotment you come into contact with soil and animal manure and you may wish to be vaccinated against tetanus. It is only a suggestion and we dont wish to alarm anyone. If you feel you may need protection, we suggest you contact your doctor to discuss this.