Please ensure that the gates are padlocked after you use them, do not leave them open and unattended for any amount of time. Please do not allow non members on site unless they are known to you/with you. 

The Committee cannot be responsible for any tools or equipment left on site even in a locked shed. We occasionally suffer break-ins, so please ensure that you take home any valuable tools or other items. 


We use some cameras around the site to assist with security. These are paid for by the membership. If you are on site please be aware that you may be on camera. 

Theft and vandalism

It is disheartening to be growing produce and then find it stolen or damaged. The Committee would like to make it very clear that theft or vandalism of other plots is not tolerated and anyone found doing this will be issued with an immediate Notice to Quit.

If you see any items in a communal area, please do not take them without checking with the committee first, as these are likely to be reserved for a project.

Please report any incidents to