Membership & Society


The Annual General Meeting is held on the last Thursday of September, members will receive written notification at least 2 weeks before.

Committee & Society

We have a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary, plus 4 other plot holders on the committee, details of how the society is run are found in the OTHAS Constitution January 2017.


Rent covers the period from 1st October to the 30th September. The committee fixes the rent prior to the AGM and it is currently below the average for allotments in London. It is payable to the Treasurer by 31st October and you will be notified of the next seasons rent in the written notification of the AGM.


If you wish to give up your plot, please inform the Membership Secretary in writing immediately and also return the gate key for a refund of your key deposit.

Probation and Unworked plots

As a new member you have a 3 month probation period to demonstrate suitable progress on your plot to the committee. We take the matter of unworked plots seriously and will issue notice to quit to members who do not fully work their plots. We expect the whole plot to be cultivated not just a small part. If for any reason you find that you can no longer work your plot or you cannot work it for a period of time (e.g. working away, illness etc), then please inform the Membership Secretary immediately. We have monthly inspections and take action.

Work Days

As part of the licence each plot holder is required to perform 6 hours a year on communal areas. The committee arranges and publicises work days for you to attend. We have a lot of improvements we want to do, so it is important that everyone does their turn. If you cannot make a workday then the committee can arrange for work to be done at another time. Of course you can do more than 6 hours per year and its a great way to meet other plot holders. When you complete your community hours please fill out a slip and put it in the box on the notice board. You cab print them off using this form Community Hours Vouchers