Your Plot


You will have been issued a licence when you started.


  • The plot should be kept free of rubbish and the whole plot should be kept a good state of cultivation.
  • The perimeter of your plot should be kept free of obstructions, overhanging trees etc, and the surrounding paths kept in good condition.
  • Use of pesticides. weedkillers and other chemical should only be used if absolutely necessary.
  • Asbestos, fibreglass and other hazardous materials are forbidden.
  • Glyphosate is expressly forbidden.

You will need written approval from the Committee to

  • Erect a shed or greenhouse
  • Install a pond
  • Plant fruit trees
  • Fell any tree

Community Work Hours

There are many jobs that need doing to make the site safe and a pleasant place to be. From weeding the area around the raised beds to maintaining the paths, steps and communal areas. Each plot holder is expected to complete 6 hours per year. When you complete some hours, please fill in a slip and put it in the box in the noticeboard.  Slips can be printed out here Community Hours Vouchers


A  Map of Plots on the allotment