Upcoming Work Days (4-5 Feb 2017)

As part of the licence each plot holder is required to carry out  6 hours work a year on communal areas.

We have set aside the first weekend of every month for this. For February we are hoping to be be able to make progress making the steps more robust, putting down blocks etc.

Meeting at 10:00am on both  Sat/Sun 4-5 February 2017. Please bring shout gloves and boots!

Further work days if you are not able to make it will be on the following dates: all starting at 10:0am.

  • Sat/Sun 4-5 March 2017
  • Sat/Sun 1-2 April 2017
  • Sat/Sun 6-7 May 2017
  • Sat/Sun 3-4 June 2017
  • Sat/Sun 1-2 July 2017
  • Sat/Sun 5-6 August 2017
  • Sat/Sun 3-4 Sept 2017

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