Compost Toilets -for a sustainable future

Two researchers (Dr Tse-Hui Teh and Dr Lena Ciric) from University College London are very interested in our (and others) compost toilet.

There research aims to understand the hygiene and nutrient value of the compost material from the toilet and the practicalities of implementing such toilets in London.

Dr Lena Ciric will be looking at how well the process composts down the deposits   To do so they will take one sample a month, for three months, of the compost material from the toilet in, survey the toilet inputs over the same three months;

Dr Tse-Hui Teh is looking at how plotholders feel about the loo and using it  –  she will speak to any plotholders on site to seek their opinion on the loo. Please feel free to chat to her or if busy you can decline.

They are also collaborating with the National Society of Leisure and Allotment Gardeners to further the installation and use of compost loos more widely, so hopefully in the future other allotments will also be able to provide the sort of splendid facilities we currently enjoy.


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