A new orchard

The Woodland Trust were generous enough to give us 16 fruit trees, apples, pears and greengages to start a new orchard on site. At short notice, a substantial area has been cleared and the trees dug in. Thanks to all those who were able to help out. Now we just have to make sure the … More A new orchard

Result: Constitutional Amendment Ballot

Thanks to everyone that participated. There were 44 votes cast, all in favour. The following clause will be added to the Constitution. TRUSTEES For the purposes of entering into legal agreements on behalf of the Society, the Society shall appoint a minimum of two trustees. Trustees shall be invited to every Committee Meeting, whether they are members … More Result: Constitutional Amendment Ballot

Open Day 2016 Report

The weather was kind to us, and a constant stream of visitors made this Open Day one of our most successful, topped off my a great session from the Jasspa Jazz Band  Thanks to all those who helped out either on the day or in the run up.  


Sunday 10th of April is the date of our SPRING SOCIAL. It’s also a workday so come to help on the site at 1, and stay on for the BBQ and bonfire from 4pm.

Compost Toilets -for a sustainable future

Two researchers (Dr Tse-Hui Teh and Dr Lena Ciric) from University College London are very interested in our (and others) compost toilet. There research aims to understand the hygiene and nutrient value of the compost material from the toilet and the practicalities of implementing such toilets in London. Dr Lena Ciric will be looking at … More Compost Toilets -for a sustainable future