Wassailling of One Tree Hill Saturday 9th February

Wassailling of One Tree Hill
Saturday 9th February
2.30 pm
Admission: Freesafe_image
Dress: Pagan

Wassail trees at the allotment.
Wassailling apple orchards is an ancient tradition in cider-making parts of the country, and is a way of blessing the orchard to ensure a good crop. It involves making noise to scare off evil spirits, pouring libations of cider on to the roots and consuming a certain amount of it too.
More details at ianwhite.info/Wassail.html.

Interested parties gather at the rasied beds at 2.30, wassailling of the site begins at 2.45. From 3.30 there will be scoffing of jacket potatoes and quaffing of mulled apple juice and cider, before retiring back to 10 Walters Way.

Guests are requested to bring noise-making instruments and snacks and apple-derived drinks to share. In addition to the “pagan” dress code, guests are advised to dress warmly and wear suitable footwear, bearing in mind that the going can be slippery. In case of bad weather, a gathering will simply take place at Walters Way.

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